Fairs and events
Etroubles' "veillà" (fair)
During a summer evening the roads of the village become the scenery of an accurate evoking of the ancient times and the never forgotten old traditions.
The village gets busy with walk-ons reproposing live the ancient professions such as wheat beating, iron forging, wool manufacturing, sheep shearing, washerwomen, chimneysweeps, smugglers, fontina cheese making, "landzette" (typical costumes) manufacturing, coffee roasting...
The village fair is completed with some refreshment points where you can taste different regional specialities: the "seuppa freida" (typical soup), the "fiocca" (whipped cream), the minestrone, and the local wines.

Bataille des Reines (Cows' battle)
It's an event linked to the traditional cow-breeding. In July, on alternate years, Etroubles welcomes an important battle attacting many breeders, fans and onlookers coming from all the alpine arch. The local cows (dark and brown spotted) fight with horn strokes to win the "Reina" (Queen) qualification. The show is not a bloody one, the cows fight because of their own natural fighting instinct which leads them to establish a hierarchy inside the herd.
The Carnival of Etroubles and the Coumba Freida
The stained and typical costumes called "landzette" of the carnival of Etroubles recall Napoleon's passage. The cheerful procession of masks, accompanied by the music of accordions and saxes, parades in the villages visiting the local families who, for the occasion, open their houses to all those who are present gladdening so the thursdays and Good fridays with songs and dances, eating and drinking well.
Saint Ours' fair
Millenary fair of the local handicraft which takes place in Aosta every year on the 30th and 31st January. These two days are a unique chance to admire the handicrafts created and showed by the local artists and to taste the local gastronomic products of our Region in a party atmosphere.

La desarpa
The desarpa is an event that allows the rural world to be the leading protagonist of an entire day in Aosta town. Here the herds, come down from the mountain pastures after the summer season, parade in the main streets of the town wearing their traditional cowbells and "bosquets" creating an olden days atmosphere. The farmers meanwhile show their genuine and craftmade products, obtained nowadays as many years ago.
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